Working with parents collaboratively

What skills will you walk away with?

Ways to:

  1. Structure parent intake sessions prior to meeting the child, that allow time to assess risk and hear the identified expectations, needs, hopes, wonderfulness and fears of the family.
  2. Discuss confidentiality and what the first session with the child may look like.
  3. Develop contracts of agreements for contact between sessions, etc.
  4. Assess the family’s capacity and willingness to work collaboratively with you.
  5. Become curious about our own position on ‘good enough parenting’ / judgements, and how our own childhood experiences will most certainly play into our work.
  6. Consider what resources the parents may find helpful.

Working with parents collaboratively

5 possible parental fears

  1. Fear the child will tell about what really happens at home?
  2. Perhaps they fear the counsellor may inform the child protection authorities?
  3. Perhaps the problem stems from a ‘couples’ intimate partner problem, and the child is picking up on the energy and is seen as the scapegoat?
  4. Fear the child will resist coming? [P. 4]
  5. There is often a fear of being exposed as ‘not good enough’

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