Kim has three adult children and is at her happiest in her roles as counsellor, clinical supervisor, workshop facilitator and playful grandma

Kim has worked for over 30yrs with clients of all ages whose adversities include recovery after divorce, bereavement, surviving refugee trauma, family violence and those caring for family members with mental health troubles.

Kim’s purpose is to be a catalyst for change. Kim understands the dynamics of power that can bring challenges into families. She is skilled and available to hear about the problem, the family’s resources, strengths and values, and to collaborate on the next steps.

Kim’s current work includes child and family counselling (now often using Zoom online), clinical supervision, including with Monash University’s Master’s of Counselling students, EAP work and Carer’s Counselling.

Methods and approaches in Kim’s therapeutic toolbox include:

Family Counselling, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT, CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy), Creative Expressive Arts, Existential Therapy, befriending emotions using metaphors and therapeutic storytelling, Tree of Life work and creative timelines to understand the life-long emergence of identity.

Guest Speaker and Trainer:

Kim’s enthusiasm, interactive and engaging style, make her a well-respected and sought after speaker. Topics can be tailored to suit your needs. Your audience will be informed, connected and actively participating, even online:

  • counselling and social work issues
  • parenting children from 4 – 18yrs
  • topical family issues for teachers and parents
  • group team building activities
  • conferences
  • university guest lecturer

Invite Kim to talk at your school, event, workplace, university

Kim is inventive
in her work and her life.

Kim lives in Bayside, Melbourne and is an early morning swimmer.

Kim has always had a project on the go: at the young age of 8, Kim was helping neighbours with their pre-school children, bathing and reading them bedtime stories. Her first sewing masterpiece was a pair of purple bikinis at age 13yrs. Kim was earning money on the weekends at 17yrs to pay for flying lessons in a small C150. Her careers were also diverse: She was in the RAAF as an air traffic controller, and then trained as a teacher, leapt into motherhood and then studied counselling.

Kim regularly posts short YouTube videos

Kim posts tutorial style videos about counselling approaches and parenting, as well as therapeutic stories.