Have you been getting stuck in the mire of problem stories?

Bring curiosity back into your practice and give burnout the boot!

Kim’s first book, A Counsellor’s Companion, celebrates her inspirational style, and demonstrates ‘what works’ with children and young people.

A Counsellor’s Companion is like a masterclass in child counselling.

This book is accessible and practical. It includes a variety of simple, expressive arts interventions. Kim demonstrates with case examples how to facilitate sensitive, imaginative and playful conversations about serious problems.

Every chapter will increase your proficiency and confidence. Every page will liberate you, expand your knowledge and enliven your creative sparkle.

Kim is an impressive counselling trainer, clinical supervisor, and counsellor with over 30 years’ experience working with families. Kim has been a conference presenter, guest lecturer and has had many articles published in the Counselling Australia journal.

Kim’s pictorial focus in helping children share their experiences is revealed throughout, with over 50 stunning illustrations by award winning artist, Tamar Dolev.

While the book and techniques are directed towards those living and working with children aged from 4 – 18 years, they have also proved helpful with adults too.

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‘A Counsellor’s Companion’ includes many case studies and therapeutic folktales, and is illustrated with stunning black and white drawings by award winning artist, Tamar Dolev.

Drawing on her experience gained from over 30 years working with families from all walks of life, counsellor Kim Billington shares her vibrant, visual and effective approach. Through an exploration of expressive arts practices, and utilising narrative therapy’s proven tools of the trade, Kim has uncovered new ways of creating therapeutic engagement with children, teenagers and their families.

This inspiring book is about developing therapeutic relationships with parents and children, that allows for a greater understanding of what is needed to nurture wellbeing in young people. Kim demonstrates how to facilitate sensitive, imaginative and playful conversations and creative interventions in response to serious problems, through visual ideas such as the Tree of LifeTeam of Life and Therapeutic Storytelling.

Her approach is centred around fun, play and curiosity, using art, creativity and storytelling to help children explore their own inner stories in a safe place. Throughout the book you’ll learn fresh ways to work with young people who are grappling with life challenges such as loss after family separation, bereavement, anger, cutting, anxiety, the reluctant teenager and responding to safety matters. You’ll uncover how to talk to children about tricky problems and difficulties, and gain valuable insights into how you can work through them together and facilitate real and long-term change.

After years of practising, researching and developing exciting interventions that children and young people found helpful and fun, Kim started teaching other professionals her proven techniques. The feedback was positive, and her desire to share the approach with a wider audience led her to writing this book.

Kim’s visual focus in helping children share their experiences is beautifully brought to life through over 50 stunning illustrations by award winning artist, Tamar Dolev. A Counsellor’s Companion also includes multiple case studies backed by theories around creating therapeutic engagement and dynamic growth in identity, plus real-life examples of how traditional stories can deepen a young person’s insight and understanding into what is happening in their own world.

If you’re feeling stuck or ready for some sparkling new ideas in your counselling practice, this book is a catalyst for change in your approach. As Kim shares the proven methods she has developed to help children strengthen connection and self-compassion when problems overwhelm, you’ll uncover new and creative ways to communicate and connect with young people, their parents and teachers.

A Counsellor’s Companion is supported by Kim’s website www.kimbillington.com.au where you can access free training materials and handouts on a range of skills for counselling children, including The Hero Journey map.

While this book was written primarily for family and child counsellors, parents, teachers and others, supporting the wellbeing of children and teenagers in their care have found it a helpful resource.

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Are you working with adult clients?

Get access to immediately helpful ideas, examples, insights, resources and inspiration.

Kim’s second book, Counselling Conversations, reveals what really goes on behind closed doors, written in an accessible, engaging conversational style.

Counselling Conversations: 10 Powerful Interviews with Seasoned Experts 

Kim has recently released a second book for those working with adult clients. This book provides a rare opportunity to meet this radiant group of warm-hearted and dedicated counsellors from a broad range of practice orientations.

The chapters carry stories from each counsellor’s journey into and through their counselling/ psychology profession. Here they share and showcase their wealth of knowledge, favourite resources and theoretical approaches in their work with adult clients.

May you find many helpful and innovative ideas, and encouraging wise reflections about this most valuable field of work.

*SPECIAL OFFER with the purchase of a book is 30% off your first supervision session.

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