Counselling Conversations:
10 Powerful Interviews with Seasoned Experts

Kim, are you writing a second book?

Wuru Walking in Two Worlds – Walking beside Annette and talking about indigenous perspectives

Contributor: Annette Dudley

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn… – Going to the heart of grief and loss counselling

Contributor: Jackie Tarabay

Family Violence through the Lens of Trauma – Holding this vast and important topic and sharing the essentials

Contributor: Dajana Sprajcer-Simeunovic

Outside my Comfort Zone – So many different workplace experiences, and how we somehow might have to learn on the job

Contributor: Susan Konstantas

Finding the Rainbow Connection – What is important to know about working with this diverse LGBTQIA+ client group

Contributor: Pamela Cox

Evolution, not revolution. The challenge of simple, hard work.
– Complex Trauma essentials and how to manage the complexities

Contributor: Tom Lothian

It’s never too late …for secure relationships to blossom and grow – Using the Circle of Security® attachment approach to enhancing parent-child relationships of all ages

Contributor: Robyn Ball

Releasing hidden creativity as an aid to therapy – What might it be like to experience art therapy?

Contributor: Dalit Bar

More than just a counsellor – So many angles and important know-hows being a school welfare counsellor in a regional secondary college

Contributor: Nothara Suraweera

Hearing the Voice of the Child: Working with parents in the 21st Century – If we are working with children and young people, how we can engage with parents, who after all see the child 24/7

Contributor: Kim

Four Cornerstones of Counselling – The basics of this amazing profession inspired by FAQs from Masters of Counselling students

Contributor : Kim

“You Can Land Safely Here”, says the Blank Page – Poetry therapy with samples of lived experience poetry

Contributors: Dionne Hose, Hellena Bazán, Jenny Lo Ricco and Michelle Fairbrother