I opened Kim’s book and read the ‘Welcome to Counselling’ letter, addressed to a child, and straight away found myself seeing how Kim’s creative and practical approach would be a great fit. Kim’s magic paperclip and Jenga first session strategies, and her ‘Bag of Walnuts’ story were the first I have begun to use.

Kim models her natural, playful narrative therapy skills through 16 case examples from parent intake onwards. The importance of the child’s unfolding identity is central to every page.

Externalising and scaling ‘The Problem’ are amply demonstrated, and the 50 pen and ink illustrations carry forward Kim’s unique and practical guide to those working and living with children from 4yrs to teens.

Kim’s book will help counsellors know what to listen out for, and ways to respond that deepen the therapeutic engagement. Anger, loss, domestic violence and self-harm are just some of the presentations Kim’s book effectively addresses.